Jessica Faulkner

Client Coordinator

Jessica is our client coordinator who coordinates all appointment details for our clients and practitioners. Jessica is the friendly and capable voice on the phone that our clients schedule with, making sure that every step in the process goes smoothly. She answers all of your questions, reschedules your appointments, helps our new clients to understand the process of working with our team, and puts us all at ease. Read more

Caitlin Sloane, MS, RDN

Master of Science in Nutrition | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
(accepting new clients)

Caitlin Sloane is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist whose philosophy involves offering a safe space to explore personal motivators for making positive health changes. Caitlin believes that our relational approach to food is intrinsically connected to all aspects of our health. Her goal is to help you find a balance that is both accessible and sustainable, while still eating delicious food and feeling good while doing it.

Caitlin recognizes the importance of food as a cultural marker and realized at a young age that food brings people together to celebrate, mourn, and everything in between. This understanding of food is a guiding principle of Caitlin’s approach to nutrition therapy-reconnecting to food in a way that allows us to positively impact our health and wellness. Read more

Dr. Jennifer Champion DCN, MS, CNS

Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition
Masters in Human Nutrition and Function Medicine
Board and State Certified Nutritionist
HeartMath Certified Clinician
Reiki Practitioner
(accepting new clients)

Dr. Jennifer Champion has a Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition, a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and holds both board and state certifications in nutrition.

She is a professor and dean of undergraduate studies, dean of students at Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, has served on many academic boards and has taught university level nutrition courses. Read more

Nataly Nislow MS, CNS, CN

Master of Science in Nutrition | Certified Nutrition Specialist | Intuitive Eating Specialist 
(accepting new clients)

Nataly Nislow is a Certified Nutrition Specialist with her Masters in Science in clinical nutrition. She specializes in intuitive eating, body acceptance and recovery from chronic dieting, eating disorders and disordered eating. Nataly is your guide in finding your way out of diet culture and back to yourself, your inner body wisdom and nutrition that nourishes your mind and your body.  She weaves her knowledge and experience of nutritional science with the Health at Every Size approach and compassionate motivational interviewing. Read more

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Emily Grochowski, MS, RDN

Master of Science in Nutrition | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Emily Grochowski is a scientist turned Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Teacher. She is passionate about working with you in a systematic and compassionate way to discover the unique combination of information, tools, and approaches that will best support your highest expression of health. Emily’s approach is rooted in integrative and functional medicine. Her recommendations include therapeutic combinations of whole-foods, herbs, supplements (if needed), and lifestyle practices aimed at restoring mind-body balance and the body’s innate healing capacities. Read more

Erin Yaseen, MS, RDN

Master of Science in Nutrition | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Founder of Simplicity Nutrition, Inc.

Erin Yaseen, a registered dietitian nutritionist, is passionate about health.There’s no doubt about that. She’s a real-food advocate and a leading expert in the field of nutrition. Amid the conflicting food fads and confusing health information, Erin serves as your nutrition expert; crafting real-food plans that empower you to live symptom-free and enhance the quality of your life. Erin incorporates a sophisticated Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in her practice, to track your progress by measuring fat, muscle, water absorption and retention, nutrient absorption and cellular health. Her approach is functional (getting to the root rather than chasing symptoms), individualized and comprehensive. Read more