Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services to best suite your individual needs. Some of these include personalized medical nutritional counseling, epigenetics, meal planning, therapeutic cooking, and more.

Our dietitian nutritionists are contracted with Regence, Premera and First Choice. All plans are different and are subject to your plan’s specifications. It is extremely important that you call your insurance to review specific parameters based on your plan. Here’s a form to help you on the call. Please bring it with you to your first appointment. We look forward to it!

Personalized Medical Nutrition Therapy

The journey of working with your dietitian nutritionist begins with a detailed intake session. Our dietitian nutritionists will spend 90 minutes reviewing your complete health history with you through a series of questions, physical exam reviewing the tongue, fingernails & skin and a comprehensive dietary review.

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Lifestyle Packages

This is great for someone ready to completely transform their health and individualize it! Let us walk you through every step of the way.

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Meal Planning

Planning your meals is better than tracking! At least to start with. You can’t expect yourself to eat healthy if you don’t plan. This is my secret to success. Meal planning is especially great for busy families, singles and those on therapeutic diets who want to eat fresh, healthy and local meals while saving time and money.

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Therapeutic Cooking Lessons

Let us bring our passion for cooking whole-food, nutritious and flavorful meals to your kitchen! We work with all skill levels and ages 5 and up. Set up a class for your family embarking on a new way of eating or for a group of friends interested in a certain topic, and we do kids birthday parties (at your home)!

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Grocery Store Tours

Do you get confused and overwhelmed by all the options in the grocery store? Do you want to be a conscious consumer, eat healthy AND save money? Are you tired of your veggies turning into slime in your veggie drawer?

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Pantry Overhauls

One of our biggest nutrition hiccups could be our very own food pantry. My motto is if my pantry is stocked with healthy foods and grab & go items, I am set up to make healthy decisions and I don’t even have to think about it! It’s not fair to continue to criticize myself if I haven’t set myself up!

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Speaking Engagements

Simplicity Nutrition, Inc., offers speaking programs for corporate lunch-&-learns, health and nutrition conferences, mom’s groups, universities, high schools, health fairs, church groups, networking groups and more.

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Workshops & Group Classes

Nutrition workshops and classes can be for one hour, half day, full day, or weekend event and are tailored to your individual needs. They can be set in a boardroom, your home, retreat center, yurt, fitness center or any meeting space that suits your requirements. Please see the Calendar for upcoming events.

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