Jennifer Champion DCN, MS, CNS

Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition | Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine | Board and State Certified Nutritionist | HeartMath Certified Clinician | Reiki Practitioner

Dr. Jennifer Champion has a Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition, a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and holds both board and state certifications in nutrition.

She is a professor and dean of undergraduate studies, dean of students at Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, has served on many academic boards and has taught university level nutrition courses.

Dr. Jennifer is a collaborative, non-judgemental, compassionate and clinically skilled nutrition expert to help you throughout the process of working on your health. She uses a functional nutrition approach, getting to the root cause rather than chasing symptoms to develop a personalized plan based on your labs, lifestyle, symptoms and goals. Jennifer’s clients feel better within days instead of months or years by giving specific nutrition guidance using a variety of resources and tools personalized for you. She serves as your coach to help dig deeper and to understand your health and connect the dots to experience your most authentic life.

Dr. Jennifer Champion is a leading expert in the field of women’s health and functional wellness. She

specializes in women’s health, PCOS, hormones, fertility, autoimmune disease, weight management, digestive health, diabetes, heart health, chronic pain and chronic fatigue. She understands first hand the importance of relationship with food and body trust. She has personally gone through the struggles of PCOS and imbalanced hormones and has helped hundreds of women with these concerns.

While in college working to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Jennifer was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and was told that she would never have a child. She was also identified as being on the Autism Spectrum. With time and healing, she decided to lose weight through healthy means, put herself first, and learned how to work with her diagnoses instead of rebelling against them.

Little by little, the weight came off. Fourteen months later, with a lot of hard work, nutrition and exercise, she lost 105 pounds. Against all of the odds and in defiance of what her expensive endocrinologists told her, Jennifer became pregnant. She realized that her purpose was to help women thrive, to find their health and their voice.

In 2013 she continued higher education, earning her Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition from . Dr. Champion’s dissertation on PCOS was sought after by other nutrition and healthcare professionals for its cutting edge treatment style and thorough research.

Let Dr. Jennifer Champion genuinely hear you – your whole story – as no other practitioner has before. She will walk with you along your journey and cheer you on as you reach heights you may have thought were not possible.

Dr. Jennifer is trained in traditional HeartMath certification and the Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath certification, to help you uncover emotional-cognitive blocks that may be keeping you from achieving your optimal health while empowering you with the tools to overcome those blocks. Dr. Jennifer Champion is also a Master/Teacher-level trained practitioner in the Usui Reiki tradition. Originally founded in Japan, Reiki contains four aspects designed to promote individual healing. HeartMath and Reiki individual sessions are available separately from your nutrition appointments.