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Eating Disorder Group Series Details

These groups are focused on weight neutrality, with a come-as-you-are philosophy, and centered around the mission of practicing human compassion, body respect, and fat liberation. Each group series consists of 4-6 classes. These classes are meant to be educational, informative, interactive and a safe place for discussing our relationships to food and body image. All groups and classes will begin April 2022.

  • 4-6 classes per series
  • Most of our classes are covered under insurance. We also offer cash rates.
  • Please sign up by emailing or call our main office line (425) 394-3409
  • All group series are virtual and hosted through HIPAA compliant zoom. The link will be emailed to you the day of the group. Use this link for all classes in the group series.
  • There is an adolescent and adult track for each series.
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    Anorexia Nervosa Group

    Led by Shannon Grube and Nick Berretta

    Sign up by emailing or call our main office line (425) 394-3409

    This group is for individuals struggling with Anorexia Nervosa, and who would like to learn more about the biological and environmental factors that lead to the development of this eating disorder. In this group, we examine what the scientific literature currently suggests about treatment, and explore possible roads to recovery from a humanist, feminist, and spiritual perspective. We deconstruct and undermine the cultural demand for thinness, and offer guidance to emotionally and intellectually liberate oneself from this construct. Although the information presented in this group may be challenging, and the subject matter difficult, our aim is to provide clarity, encouragement, and hope to all who attend.

    Binge Eating and Bulimia Group

    Led by Nick Berretta

    Sign up by emailing or call our main office line (425) 394-3409

    This group is for individuals struggling with binge eating and purging episodes who would like to learn more about navigating and managing these behaviors. In this group, we discuss how the influence of diet-culture and fatphobia can create a harmful cycle of dieting, binge eating, and purging that can feel impossible to break. We introduce education on ending this cycle and learning to eat in a way that is both physically and psychologically sustainable. We support this information with the most up-to-date research regarding the constitution of true health and the current paradigm shift of the Health At Every Size movement.


    Guardians/Caregivers of Adolescents and Children with Disordered Eating

    Led by Nick Berretta and Shannon Grube

    Sign up by emailing or call our main office line (425) 394-3409

    This group is for parents of children who have - or are suspected to have - dysregulation with their eating. In this group, we discuss what defines an eating disorder and what separates it from an everyday diet. We provide information about the importance of early detection and treatment, and offer tools with which to speak about food and eating in a neutral and recovery minded way. We provide information about what to expect in the recovery process and the next steps to take in order to help your child overcome this hardship. Our goal is to validate the difficult experience of the struggling child while offering hope and support for the recovering family.

    Eating Disorders and the LGBTQIA+ Community

    Led by Nick Berretta and or/Caitlin Sloane

    Sign up by emailing or call our main office line (425) 394-3409

    This group is for members of the LGBTQIA+ community who are struggling with disordered eating and would like to learn more about the intersectionality of queerphobia and fatphobia. We acknowledge and validate the difficulty that comes along with living in a culture that devalues the queer existence, and offer insight into overcoming these difficulties using the 5 Stages of Grief model. This group is always presided over by a member or ally of the LGBTQIA+ community.


    Intuitive Eating Group

    Led by Caitlin Sloane and/or Nataly Nislow

    Sign up by emailing or call our main office line (425) 394-3409

    This group is for anyone who would like to make peace with food and their eating experience. In this group, we discuss how deprivation and restrictive eating can lead to uncomfortable and uncontrollable feelings and behaviors around food. We learn why allowing ourselves unconditional permission to eat is necessary for cultivating a healthy and sustainable relationship with food, and offer actionable steps on how to begin the journey towards Intuitive Eating. We also consider the fears and reservations that may be holding you back, and offer insight and guidance to alleviate those fears using empirical evidence. If you are ready to break up with diet-culture and learn how to truly nourish your body in a healthful and liberated way, this is the group for you.

    Relationship with Food, Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance for Practitioners

    Led by Caitlin Sloane and/or Nick Berretta

    Sign up by emailing or call our main office line (425) 394-3409

    This group is for clinicians in the medical or behavioral health field who would like to learn more about eating from a liberated, rather than restrictive, place. In this group, we validate the immense pressure placed upon practitioners to maintain appearances while offering insight into becoming more attune to the body’s natural hunger and fullness cues. We discuss how to practice body acceptance and body respect while dismantling myths about weight and health from an evidenced-based platform.


    Mourning the Thin Ideal

    Led by Nick Berretta

    Sign up by emailing or call our main office line (425) 394-3409

    This group is for individuals who are struggling with body image and who are ready to start practicing radical acceptance with their physical appearance. We acknowledge the unattainable beauty standards and harmful body ideals currently plaguing our image-obsessed culture, and validate the difficulty in practicing self-care under this confluence. We offer a step-by step guide for the painful and liberating act of letting go and introduce a roadmap to self acceptance. This group was designed with personal contributions from Virgie Tovar, a revered and prolific author and activist who is currently one of the nation’s leading experts on body image and fat discrimination.

    Hypnotherapy Group Series Details

    Hypnotherapy Group

    Led by Dr. Jennifer Champion

    Sign up by emailing or call our main office line (425) 394-3409

    Dr. Jennifer Champion is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition specializing in the interaction of stored feelings, transformation of stress, trauma, functional nutrition, intestinal health and hormones. She appreciates being able to hold space for others wherever they are in their own journeys. Dr. Champion teaches nearly all of her hypnotherapy clients this powerful and advanced, yet simple-to-use style of self-hypnosis.

    7th PathⓇ is different from all other self-hypnosis techniques because it includes the unique benefit of being a spiritual approach especially designed to utilize your own belief system.

    This class helps you to discover how to bring to life the life you’ve always wanted by removing erroneous programming and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. This course does not take the place of working with your therapist, dietitian/nutritionist or any other health care professional. Instead this work enhances the work you have with your health care practitioners. Please do not use this as a substitute to the foundational and imperative work you prioritize with your health care practitioner.

    This 5-week course will teach you how to connect with your Highest Concept and yourself in a way that allows you to reprogram your thoughts about yourself and the world around you. You don’t need to stay stuck doing the same things over and over, simply hoping for different results. We hope you come away with a sense of peace, transformation of unwanted habits and behaviors and more confidence with who you are. This is not meant to change you, but help to move through and transform limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep you from experiencing your authentic self. Working in a group setting is incredibly empowering and uplifting, creating community and momentum in a positive way. This class helps to clear out the mental and emotional cobwebs that are naturally created with daily living and transforms negative imprints from the past.

    Some of the benefits of this 7th Path self-hypnosis program include:

    • Connection with your authentic self
    • Internal Confidence
    • Improved Self-esteem and Self-worth
    • Improved communication
    • Stress reduction
    • Improved sleep
    • Improved concentration & mood
    • Emotional regulation
    • Improved relationships
    • Habit transformation
    • Behavior modification
    • Feeling happier and in general at peace

    Our class size is limited to 10 people per session so call now to reserve your spot!

    When: 9/21/22 - 10/19/22 at 1:00 pm PST (9/21, 9/28, 10/5, 10/12, 10/19)

    Where: Hipaa compliant Zoom/Virtual (you will receive a link when you sign up)

    Who: You! This class is designed for adults (You can also register a friend and they don’t need to be a current client to join us)

    What: Each session will last one hour. Please bring pen, paper, Your 7th path booklet, and an open mind and heart.

    Cost: $40/per session (5 sessions) + $20 for the booklet (includes shipping). Total cost is $220 and is due upon signing up.

    Please sign up on our website or email Note that in order to register for the class payment must be received.

  • Please sign up by emailing or call our main office line 425-394-3409
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