Erin Yaseen, MS, RDN

Master of Science in Nutrition
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Founder of Simplicity Nutrition, Inc.
(not accepting new clients)

Welcome to Simplicity Nutrition! I’m Erin Yaseen, a registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of Simplicity Nutrition. As the founder of Simplicity Nutrition, my mission is to create a clinic that values all people and staff, delivers highly specialized and individualized nutrition care, is inclusive and represents diversity. I spend my time working with clients, serving as lead clinical director, creative director and visionary of Simplicity Nutrition. I’m the one behind the scenes, growing our team, creating services that are client centered based on the needs of our clients and practitioners. While I’m not taking new clients, I lead the team, mentor and participate in client case studies with our nutritionists and dietitians…so you will always get a little input from me behind the scenes. We have weekly team meetings and each practitioner meets with me weekly. We are so lucky to have an amazing team with diverse professional backgrounds and extensive experience. I know you will find value and enjoy working with our dietitians and nutritionists as much as I do! Read more

Shannon Grube MS, RDN, CD

Master of Science in Nutrition Food Science
Registered Dietitian Nutrition

Certified Dietitian
(accepting new clients)

Shannon helps you reach your health and nutrition goals with nearly 20 years of experience helping people eat, think, and feel better. She has been a practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist since 2003 and has helped hundreds of clients to achieve healthier minds and bodies with nutrition. Shannon helps you achieve your health and nutrition goals while also helping you build a better relationship with food and your body. Shannon specializes in behavioral nutrition for eating and body image disorders, food allergy and food sensitivities, nutrition for sports performance, pre and post natal nutrition, pediatric nutrition, and aging-well diets. Read more

Caitlin Sloane, MS, RDN

Master of Science in Nutrition
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
(accepting new clients)

Caitlin is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is passionate about connecting the dots between our physical body and emotional relationship to food. Regardless of your health journey and what brought you here today, Caitlin helps you maneuver the sometimes complicated path toward healing using functional nutrition practices and food as a compass. When necessary, Caitlin will recommend more in depth testing, such as food sensitivity testing, SIBO testing, and NutrEval analysis in order to help her identify root causes of dysbiosis and inflammation in the body, and provide a sustainable approach to help you overcome chronic conditions and live a healthier life. Read more

Dr. Jennifer Champion DCN, MS, CNS

Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition
Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine
Board and State Certified Nutritionist
HeartMath Certified Clinician
(accepting new clients)

Jennifer is a leading expert in the field of nutrition and functional wellness and holds both board and state certifications in nutrition. She earned her Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health, her Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, and her Bachelors in Psychology. Jennifer’s dissertation on PCOS was sought after by other nutrition and healthcare professionals for its cutting-edge treatment style and thorough research. Read more

Nataly Nislow MS, CNS, CN

Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health 
Board Certified Nutrition Specialist
Washington State Certified Nutritionist 

Nataly Nislow is a Certified Nutrition Specialist with a Masters in Science in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health. She specializes in lifestyle nutrition, intuitive eating, body acceptance, and recovery from chronic dieting, eating disorders and disordered eating. Nataly also has a passion for working with those who have heart disease, type 2 diabetes, digestive disorders like IBS, constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Read more

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Emily Grochowski, MS, RDN

Master of Science in Nutrition
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Emily Grochowski is a scientist turned Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Teacher. She is passionate about working with you in a systematic and compassionate way to discover the unique combination of information, tools, and approaches that will best support your highest expression of health. Emily’s approach is rooted in integrative and functional medicine. Her recommendations include therapeutic combinations of whole-foods, herbs, supplements (if needed), and lifestyle practices aimed at restoring mind-body balance and the body’s innate healing capacities. Read more

Jessica Faulkner

Client Coordinator

Jessica is our client coordinator who coordinates all appointment details for our clients and practitioners. Jessica is the friendly and capable voice on the phone that our clients schedule with, making sure that every step in the process goes smoothly. She answers all of your questions, reschedules your appointments, helps our new clients to understand the process of working with our team, and puts us all at ease. Read more