Grocery Store Tours

(90 minutes)

Do you get confused and overwhelmed by all the options in the grocery store? Do you want to be a conscious consumer, eat healthy AND save money? Are you tired of your veggies turning into slime in your veggie drawer?

You are not alone! Grocery shopping can be a daunting task, and it doesn’t need to be! We can help alleviate this stress and confusion by meeting you at the grocery store. Aisle by Aisle, one of our Nutritionists will help you:

  • Make healthy and smart food choices
  • Show you how to read nutrition labels
  • Introduce you to new ingredients and substitutes for allergens
  • Pick out healthy on-the-go options
  • Compare product costs
  • Identify in-season, local and/or organic products
  • Plan meals based on grocery store sale items
  • Provide grocery shopping and meal planning tips