Pantry Overhauls

(90 minutes)
One of our biggest nutrition hiccups could be our very own food pantry. My motto is if my pantry is stocked with healthy foods and grab and go items, I am set up to make healthy decisions and I don’t even have to think about it! It’s not fair to continue to criticize myself if I haven’t set myself up!

A well-stocked pantry is a must for busy people (like me); it will save you over and over again when you find yourself in a pinch. And to stack the healthful-eating odds in your favor, it’s essential to stock your pantry with great-tasting, healthy choices (the key phrase here is “great-tasting” — healthy food won’t do anyone any good if no one eats it).

Let us help you to make your life a little easier in a snap! This is perfect for you if:

  • You just want an expert to come in and do it! You are type A or B or C and have started the same nutrition plan over and over and need help with execution. We all need help and this can help you stick to it.
  • If your nutritionist, doctor, naturopath, chiropractor or any other health practitioner has prescribed a therapeutic diet (allergens and food sensitivities, elimination, SIBO, Gluten free, dairy free, anti-inflammatory and for your specific health condition)
  • You are overwhelmed and don’t know what foods to sub your favorites.