Personalized Medical Nutrition Therapy

Initial Individualized Nutrition Counseling

The journey working with your nutritionist begins with an intake session. Our Dietitian Nutritionists will spend 90 minutes reviewing your complete health history through a series of questions, physical exam reviewing the tongue, fingernails and skin and comprehensive food review. We then test your cell membrane for nutrient absorption, track your body composition, assess your bone mineral content, your hydration (water absorption and retention) with our sophisticated bioelectric impedence analysis.

We take your labs, lifestyle, goals and our assessment to formulate a long term and short term plan. Your personalized plan is created to review at follow-up sessions. We help you every step of the way and create realistic goals for you to work on. We may recommend additional functional medicine tests which are determined case by case and may include genetic testing, comprehensive hormone and cortisol, comprehensive stool analysis, food sensitivities, fatty acid profile and more.

Follow-up Individualized Nutrition Counseling

These 45-60 minute follow-up nutrition sessions give you the tools, education, and bite sized nutrition goals. When initiating any sort of change it’s important to work bit by bit so it becomes a forever habit. We are there every step of the way, dedicated to helping you as a whole person, whatever your goals may be. Whether it’s trying to reverse type 2 diabetes, weight loss or healing your autoimmune and feeling great when you eat, we are the experts who can help you on your journey. Sessions may include and are not limited to meal planning and recipes based on your labs and life; specific nutrition advice as your body changes, Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis to track progress, coaching, encouragement and the accountability you need to be successful long term.